When the New York Mets planned their move to newly constructed Citi Field, fans insisted they bring the traditional Home Run Apple with them. The team opted retire the original 1980 apple, displaying it by the bullpen entrance, and to replace it with a new modernized version. Like the original, the new Mets Apple pops out of a housing to celebrate home runs for the home team. However, it's 18-foot diameter is significantly larger than the original, and the new apple is adorned with LED lights that highlight the Mets logo.
A hydraulic drive system lifts the apple 15 feet in the air in just 3 seconds, and then slowly lowers the apple back into its housing in approximately 30 seconds. They system recharges in approximately 3 minutes, and is ready for the next home run.

Citi Field

General Information

Completed: 2009
Location: Flushing, New York
Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation
Project Client: Broadway National

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