The Marlins celebration feature is a 63-foot tall sculpture, with colors, movement, and overall design that matches the flamboyant Miami style. Originally installed to celebrate  home run batters as they ran the bases, one marlin leapt out of the water and returned with a big splash and another performed back flips, while seagulls flew in circles, flamingos flapped their wings, and waves oscillated from side to side, all in a colorful display of LED lights.

In 2019, the the sculpture was moved outside the ballpark, where it is enjoyed by a larger audience and can be viewed at any time. To accommodate the new outdoor location, all parts were redesigned to withstand hurricanes and other weather conditions.

General Information

Completed: 2012
Location: Miami, Florida
Retractable Roof and Home Run Celebration Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation
Outfield Wall Scope of Work: Design

Project Team

Architect: Populous
General Contractor: Hunt Construction
Structural Engineer: Walter P Moore

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