Uni-Systems Engineering, Inc.

World Trade Center Transit Hub

Oculus Skylight Mechanization

Minute Maid Park Retractable Roof

Retractable Fields

Operable Walls

Mechanized Video Boards

Specialty Handling Systems

Retractable Roofs and Enclosures


Show Action Equipment and Entertainment Features


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Amusement Rides

Operable Doors

Amusement Rides

Uni-Systems Engineering provides testing, manufacturing, installation, and start-up services to the entertainment and amusement park industry for development and delivery of custom-designed amusement rides.

For confidentiality reasons, no projects are shown.

Boeing Material Lift

Disney Springs

Operable Polar Bear Door

Lucas Oil Stadium Operable End Zone Wall

Operable Doors

Remote Storage and Retrieval System

City Creek Center

Operable Social Hall Doors

Boeing Paint Gantry

Perez Art Museum

Operable Loading Dock Doors


University of Phoenix Stadium Retractable Field

Mechanized Video Boards

AT&T Stadium Retractable Video Board

AT&T Stadium

Mechanized Video Board

Remote Storage and Retrieval System