Uni-Systems Engineering, Inc.


Completed 2012

Location: Miami, Florida

Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation


Architect: Populous

General Contractor & Structural Engineer: Uni-Systems

Artist: Red Grooms

Marlins Ballpark

Home Run Celebration Feature

The home run celebration feature at Marlins Ballpark rises 63 feet over center field. It features a marlin leaping out of the water and returning with a big splash, as another marlin rises 14 feet in the air does a back flip. Seagulls fly in a circle, flamingos flap their wings, and colorful waves oscillate from side to side, all in a colorful display of LED lights. This celebration lasts about 35 seconds, roughly the time it takes a player to round the bases.

The staff of Uni-Systems Engineering designed, supplied and installed the structure, lighting, water effects, and dancing components, along with the electro-mechanical drive systems for the Marlins Ballpark home run celebration feature. The feature is operated remotely, using a control station located in the ballpark scoring booth.

Uni-Systems Engineering staff also designed, supplied, and installed the Marlins Ballpark retractable roof and designed the operable outfield walls.