Uni-Systems Engineering, Inc.


Completed 1997

Location: Everett, Washington

Scope of Work: Design, Supply

Project Client: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group


Paint Gantry Lift

The Boeing paint gantry is a work platform with a three-dimensional drive system that allows workers to safely paint all areas of aircraft wings. The fully automatic operating system follows the contour of the aircraft wing during normal operation. The operator is also able to move the paint gantry platform using three joy sticks: one to drive back and forth along the rails, another for the vertical rack and pinion drive system, and the third to extend and retract  the platform.

The staff of Uni-Systems Engineering designed, supplied, and installed the structure and electro-mechanical drive system for the paint gantry at the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. A counter-weighted rack-and-pinion system drives the platform 17 feet vertically. Four flanged wheels are driven 12 feet horizontally along two floor rails. A rack-and-pinion system extends and retracts the basket from the frame.