Uni-Systems Engineering, Inc.


Completed 2009

Location: Arlington, Texas

Scope of Work: Design, Supply, Installation

Project Client: Manhattan Construction


Architect: HKS, Inc.

General Contractor: Manhattan Construction

Structural Engineer: Walter P Moore

AT&T Stadium

Mechanized Video Board

In May 2009, the staff of Uni-Systems Engineering was tasked with mechanizing the largest video board in the world in time for an October U2 concert. The AT&T Stadium owners needed to lift the 9-story, 700-ton video board 10 feet to accommodate the U2 set, and also wanted the ability to lower it to 25 feet above the field for use as a movie screen.

The staff of Uni-Systems Engineering designed, supplied, and installed the electro-mechanical drive system for the mechanized video board at AT&T Stadium. To accelerate the schedule, Uni-Systems incorporated previously designed cable drive components into the system. Sixteen cable drives spool 4.5 feet per minute to move the video board 95 feet vertically in approximately 20 minutes. An additional 8 cable drives stabilize the structure and prevent lateral movement during operation. The video board is operated from a personal computer located in the control room along with the computer used to operate the retractable roof and operable wall.

Uni-Systems Engineering staff also designed, supplied, and installed the retractable roof, operable end zone walls, and arch pin connections at AT&T Stadium.